What Are The Costs?

Costs for graphic design will vary depending on what you're looking for and personal requirements.  For example, if you request basic designs and banners for social media platforms, this [...]

Can You Send Examples Of Previous Work?

Yes, of course.  We understand that many customers would like to request previous examples of work that we have done and we're happy to send them over to you.  [...]

Can You Design Brochures?

Yes, our team are able to design brochures that are simple and easy to sell.  We create all brochures uniquely with the aim of attracting more customers through clever [...]

How Long Will The Job Take?

Each design that we do is different and may vary in terms of how long it will take to complete.  From the beginning of the design process, we will [...]

How Will I Receive The Work?

All artwork for print is supplied in high resolution res vector format so that no quality is lost when the work is enlarged or reduced.  if you would like [...]

Will You Need Ideas & Examples?

It's likely that we will require some ideas and examples before we get started on your graphic design project.  Many of our clients enjoy being part of the process [...]

What Graphic Design Services Do You Provide?

Funky Vibes Marketing can provide pretty much everything when it comes to graphic design in Wigan including logo design, print design, packing design, illustrations and photo manipulation.

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