What do marketing plans consist of?

Marketing plans consist of essential components and research is the backbone of any marketing plan.  It’s also helpful to understand competitor analysis, current metrics and positioning within the market.  [...]

What does a marketing plan cost?

The cost of our marketing plans can vary depending on what you would like to include. For example, if you decide on a number of our services to best [...]

Do you create bespoke marketing plans?

Yes, of course. Your business is very unique and has a set of values, goals and objectives that are completely different to even your closest competitor. Therefore, we will [...]

Do you have any free tips to get started?

Yes we do - we’re always looking to create useful and valuable content for everyone to enjoy! On our website we have a whole page dedicated to this: https://funkyvibes.co.uk/podcast/

Are marketing plans essential?

Yes and we love this analogy to explain. Would you drive to an unknown destination without a map or GPS? Probably not. Similarly building a plan or ‘roadmap’ to [...]

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