Can I Combine Your Services?

Yes, of course.  You can combine as many of our services as you wish in order to create a marketing plan that suits your goals and business objectives.  For [...]

What Can I Achieve From Marketing Plans?

There are so many things you can achieve from a marketing plan.  Successfully integrated marketing plans can help to increase penetration into new or existing markets and also help [...]

Are Marketing Plans Essential?

Marketing plans are essential in many cases.  It's essential to treat marketing as a process and see it as a long-term plan to achieve your goals.  The key to [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Continuous Marketing?

There are so many benefits of implementing a continuous and consistent marketing plan.  A marketing plan helps to build awareness and brand differentiation which therefore sets you apart and [...]

Why Choose Funky Vibes Marketing?

Funky Vibes Marketing have been creating bespoke and personalised plans for businesses that are looking to achieve their desired goals for many years.  The level of care, attention to [...]

What Do Marketing Plans Consist Of?

Marketing plans consist of essential components and research is the backbone of any marketing plan.  It's also helpful to understand competitor analysis, current metrics and positioning within the market.  [...]

How Will You Create My Strategy?

There are multiple different ways that we will help to create your strategy.  Firstly, we will meet you either in-person or via video conferencing to learn more about your [...]

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