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Graphic Design Birkenhead – First Impressions Count!

We believe the importance of good graphic design is finally being recognised as a “must” within your content strategy on social media. We’ve worked with hundreds of Birkenhead and Merseyside businesses to do just that. We provide all manner of graphic design solutions including for social media posts, business cards, leaflets, restaurant menus and vinyl graphics to name just a few. We’ve also partnered with a number of different types of businesses over the years, which proves just how adaptable we can be in making sure your content is hitting the mark with your audience – something we’re extremely proud of here at Funky Vibes Birkenhead. 

A first impression seriously does count. It is in fact human nature to form an initial opinion on someone or something within seconds, showing that there is often a small window of opportunity to impress from the off. Graphic design is a subtle but highly effective way to capture your customers’ attention and encourage them to engage with your brand on more than one occasion.

A key point to bear in mind here is that your services or products may be absolutely fantastic and your previous customers will know that, however if your graphic design doesn’t match this quality, you may put a potential customer off. It may seem shallow, but it is the truth. Our team will always ensure that every graphic is originally made and unique for your business, optimised for each platform feature and of course of the highest quality. 

Just a few of the types of businesses who have benefited from our high-quality designs include;-

  • Professional Services (Solicitors, Lawyers, Accountants).
  • Charities & Football Clubs.
  • Primary Schools.
  • Networking Groups.
  • Pet Supply Companies.
  • And Many More!

For more information about graphic design Birkenhead, get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 07707 641 879 or using our simple online contact form.  To get an idea of the type of designs we can create, please check out some of our examples below.

Our latest and greatest design projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Funky Vibes?2021-05-26T09:50:39+01:00

Our team at Funky Vibes Marketing are experts in our field and have helped hundreds of businesses with graphic design in Wirral.  Our very own graphic design are expertly trained and everything is completed in-house to ensure the best quality design is produced to match your branding, colours and all requirements.

Can I get involved in the process?2021-05-26T09:50:11+01:00

Here at Funky Vibes Marketing, Birkenhead we aim to work collaboratively with our clients. We offer true transparency, high levels of communication and put you at ease and assurance that the outcomes will be exactly how you want them.

What are your opening hours?2021-05-26T09:49:46+01:00

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm however we work outside these hours to ensure projects are completed on time. Contact with clients can also be made outside these hours.

Do you provide samples?2021-05-26T09:49:22+01:00

Before you decide to work with us, we highly encourage you to take a look at our diverse portfolio of work that we have successfully completed for a multitude of different businesses, corporations and charities.  If you would like to request a FREE sample, we are happy to arrange this and send it directly to the best email of your choice.

What main services come under graphic design?2021-05-26T09:48:54+01:00

Good question. Graphic design can help with many things in your business. General content for social media posts, a brand new logo or even a social media profile banner too!

What programmes for graphic design do you work with?2021-05-26T09:48:31+01:00

Our in-house team are all trained across different programmes such as in-design, Canva, photoshop and more meaning we’re able to carry out a number of different projects and accommodate your preference if any.

How long would I expect a batch of content to be produced?2021-05-26T09:48:05+01:00

This does vary dependent on number of pieces and types of content needed however we work tirelessly to ensure that your work is sent in the quickest time possible with the highest quality too.

Do you provide monthly content creation packages?2021-05-26T09:47:37+01:00

We do indeed, we’re lucky enough to have a fantastic team of content creators that cover graphic design, video production, photography and more!


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