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Graphic Design Bolton – Outstanding Designs!

Looking for outstanding graphic design in Bolton? Here at Funky Vibes Marketing, we offer a multitude of graphic design services to best fulfil the specific needs and requirements of your business. Our in-house graphic design team have decades of experience and are passionate about creating funky and bespoke designs that best represent your business, values and ethos.  We are able to design vinyl graphics, business cards, business leaflets and much more to help your business stand out from the crowd.

It takes less than a second for the human brain to form a first impression. Therefore, you want to use imagery and graphics that instantly capture the imagination of your target audience. Over the last few years, we have worked with a multitude of different businesses. Check out our portfolio and examples below!

Whether you are looking to update your current business cards or create something new from scratch, our team will discuss all requirements with you so that you’re fully satisfied with the end result.  Our in-house team have added funky vibes to a broad range of sectors from corporation to charities!

Just a few of the types of businesses who have benefited from our high-quality designs include;-

  • Professional Services (Solicitors, Lawyers, Accountants).
  • Charities & Football Clubs.
  • Primary Schools.
  • Networking Groups.
  • Pet Supply Companies.
  • And Many More!

If you’re looking for more information or want to request your FREE n0-obligation quotation, get in touch with our team today and find out more about how we can help your business stand out in a saturated marketplace. Call us today directly on 07707 641 879  or use our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide fast turnarounds?2021-02-10T10:08:32+00:00

We do our utmost to ensure your graphics are produced and sent over within the quickest time frame possible, without compromising on quality.

What platforms do you use for the design?2021-02-10T10:07:48+00:00

Yes we do. Our in-house team are all trained across different programmes such as in-design, Canva, photoshop and more!

Can you offer graphic design to all businesses?2021-02-10T10:05:41+00:00

Yes, of course. Funky Vibes Marketing are passionate about helping all types of businesses stand out within their sector or industry. Over the years, we have helped a wide range of businesses from a broad range of sectors including larger corporations, regulated professionals and charities.

How does the logo design process work?2021-02-10T10:03:23+00:00

Here at Funky Vibes Marketing, we have a thorough process for designing your logo so that we can create the best bespoke logo for your business. During our initial logo meeting, we will begin by discussing your ideas and what you want your logo to represent in regards to your business values, ethos and objectives.

What is the client’s involvement in the process?2021-02-10T10:01:08+00:00

Client involvement is very important to us at Funky Vibes Marketing. If you are the type of client that would like to be hands-on in the process and play an integral part in helping design the graphics and having the final say, you are more than welcome to do that.

Why is graphic design important for business?2021-02-10T09:58:48+00:00

Graphic design is incredibly important for businesses that are looking to stand out in a saturated marketplace. Graphic design is the ability and the art of creating visual content for brand communication and messaging. Visuals can be as a simple as a business logo or as complex as pages of web design.

How long does a project take?2021-02-10T09:56:53+00:00

Due to the unique nature of each and every project that we take on, a project can vary from just a few days to a month. However, as soon as we know all the requirements, we are sure to let our clients know of approximate timescales so they can look out for receiving the graphics.

What format will I receive my designs as?2021-02-10T09:55:14+00:00

Our in-house team will discuss this upfront with you so that both parties are very clear on the preferred format.  We ensure that all graphics and imagery are received in high-quality resolution. The most common types of files that we’ll send artwork in include PDF files.


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