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Believe it or not, it actually takes less than a second for the human brain to form a first impression, how crazy is that? If you don’t hit the mark at the first time of asking, it can sometimes put you on the back foot when trying to build relationships, build rapport and generate interest. Exactly the same goes for your business too! With thousands of competitors out there, all with an equal chance of winning a project you’re all competing for, you need to ask yourself, how can you make that first impression count?!

Well luckily for you, we’re here to give you a couple of ideas! Graphic design can be a powerful way to not only get your point across, but also engage an audience. Naturally, a graphic stands out, is a centre of focus and often provides valuable information to consume too. Therefore, we deem it of paramount importance to ensure your graphics are on point as they can serve a real purpose for your business. 

The problem is that often graphics can be made unprofessionally and end up serving the total opposite purpose. Whether it is on your website or social media channels a graphic can stand out, so we need to make sure that it’s for the right reasons – there’s nothing worse than a bad looking graphic! We offer a variety of different types of graphic design including;-

  • Visual identity design.
  • Advertising design.
  • Publication design.
  • Packaging design.
  • Motion graphic design.
  • Art/Illustration design.

As with all marketing, creative can be the difference between a successful or poor performing campaign and the same applies with graphic design. Our team of experts have been creating graphics for over a decade for our clients and have worked through a number of different platforms. From Canva, to Photoshop to inDesign, we’re able to get a graphic design solution that suits your business’ needs, requirements and budget.

Graphic design can come in different forms too. Sometimes a graphic can add a bit more emphasis or point of interest to photo or video. For example a product-based business may take a photograph and the raw background is of the office. A good graphic designer can take that photo and add a vibrant colour backdrop to the shot with a graphic overlay making the product stand out even more!

Other graphics can be purely value driven in which case there would be emphasis placed on the statistic or wording that provides that value. For example in a primary school, a graphic on the wall showing children how to memorise various times tables would be designed a certain way to resonate with the child better. Most likely with bright colours, easy to read fonts and some playful imagery. Finally, graphic design can also add a different dynamic to your content on social media. An Instagram grid can often look bland, purely with standard photos or videos, therefore a splash of graphic design, can make your account stand out. 

Industries We Work With

Graphic design works for any industry and any business. We’ve helped hundreds of clients across, retail, accountancy, recruitment, animal-based, sports businesses and more! Our portfolio is so diverse and we absolutely love taking a business and making them stand out in their respective industries through creativity and doing something different. We have a number of graphic design packages available, that can be tailored specifically to your business, so don’t worry, we’ll definitely have you covered. You may also be wondering why you should pick Funky Vibes? Well, we simply believe we have the knowledge, customer service, care, creativity, experience and more to ensure your graphic design is absolutely elite above your competition. We’ll create a process that works for you, provide feedback and every stage and clear communication throughout as well. 

If you’re now wondering how we might be able to help your business, then please feel free to get in touch with us on 0333 604 117 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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