About Websites With Funky Vibes

This is YOUR online billboard!

There’s a common misconception with websites that you simply ‘need’ one for the sake of having one there. If you think this way, you’re missing out on so much opportunity! Opportunity for business, exposure, connectivity and more.

Let us explain further. Your website is your new-age online version of a billboard in some ways but it also has the potential to do so much more. You can have multiple pages, video content, blogs, purchase functions, lead pages and so on, giving a variety of ways to capture your audience, harvest details and even make money, all from a few clicks. The internet is a powerful place and can influence many of your potential customers to view your content, trust your brand and buy and one of the best pillars in aiding these things, is your website. 

We believe there are 3 key areas you should think about when considering whether your website is fit for purpose;

1.) The way it looks – Often the ‘it’ll do’ statement is thrown out there, already undermining the website’s potential. Like with graphic design and all forms of content really, your first impression is made within seconds, so you need to make sure the visual aspect of your website is on point. If you went to a restaurant and the dish you ordered looked horrible, you wouldn’t be impressed, right? Exactly the same goes for your website. A sleak, modern designed website is of paramount importance.

2.) Functionality – Key area number 2 is the functionality. Some websites are clunky, uneasy to use and complicated to navigate or consume, making users become uninterested and simply not engaged – the total opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here. Sometimes simplicity is the way forward with your website because there’s a clear route for people being able to understand what it is you do.

3) Connectivity – covers a number of bases that we feel are important to think about such as Google Analytics, Social Media Pixels, operational speeds and more. There’s quite a bit to consider here and we totally appreciate that, but if you’re ever in doubt, come and have a chat with us about your website. We build websites from scratch too if you’re in need or something new all together.

Our Website Design Packages

Our website design packages are tailored towards your needs, requirements and budget to ensure you’re getting precisely what you need, for the best value. We deliver a concise and high quality job with a defined process in place so you know exactly what to expect at all times. From WordPress to Squarespace to Magento, we’ve built websites on all platforms meaning we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to see your project through properly. We’ve got a diverse portfolio of website builds that we’d be happy to show you to give you an idea of what you might be looking for. Our portfolio covers a range of industries, business types and styles so you definitely won’t be stuck for choice. 

So here’s a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself about your website before considering your next step:

  • Does your website appeal to your target audience?
  • Is your website cluttered? 
  • Have your website views stuttered or plateaued in recent months? 
  • Is your website easy on the eyes?
  • When was the last time you had a website refresh? 

If you’re now wondering how we might be able to help your business, then please feel free to get in touch via phone, email or on social media too and we’d be happy to help. We’d also be glad to have a chat and offer ideas prior to a formal arrangement as we want to try and create a vision for your business that you can get on board with. Come and see us at Funky Vibes!

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