Completely natural dog treats to ensure you can reward your best friend with a healthy, yummy and worthy treat.

Ideal for puppy training, maintaining control of your dog whilst on walks or just simply giving them a cheeky treat because you love them.

We love the happiness we feel when we look at our branding. It is exactly how we want our customers to feel when buying our products


This was a brand-new business and product that required a brand identity and means to them promote its fantastically positive product to a niche market of pet owners, pet shops, animal friendly venues and vets.


The branding we designed was deliberately bright and friendly, whilst also maintaining a clean and professional appearance so as to support the credibility and quality of the product.

The labelling allows for a variation in colours to allow easy flavour differentiation and alternative breeds of dogs can be displayed so prospective customers can buy something they perceive as representing their own dog, adding a more personal element to the product.

We will be continuing to work with Good Dog over the Coming months to further help with their marketing plan both in-store and online to target their desired customers and strategic partners.