Henry (Churnavsky) Churney, has always had an interest in comedy and started doing stand up in late 2014.

His debut as a stand up came after doing a comedy course with Sam Avery at Radio City. The first gig was at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. No not on the main stage but in a small room beneath the main stage but he was hooked!

Since then Henry has also written a book and launched his own podcast, both with the title ‘With all Jew Respect’ about Jewish stand-up comedians from the UK and US.

Funky Vibes has produced an amazing cover for my new book. “With All Jew Respect”. I am so happy with the cover as this is the first thing prospective buyers will see online. A five star effort .

Henry Churney – Author


Henry was looking to publish the book he had just written, and needed a cover designing, so it could be published in both electronic and physical form.

We needed to come up with a design that looked professional, caught the eye and reflected the contents of the book, so as people scrolled through the likes of Amazon, they might see, review and hopefully buy it.


The book is about Henry and was written by Henry. It therefore made perfect sense to make his the star of the cover show!

Henry provided us with some professionally taken pictures of him doing stand-up which gave us the basis of our design. Amazon allows for books to be categorised and so this would always end up in the comedy section.  A picture of him doing stand-up would instantly give people the understanding of what it is about, and the title added context and perspective.

In fact it was a case of keeping things simple and letting the title and image do all the work.