Inner Solutions support individuals, businesses, leaders and managers to overcome the stresses and mental health areas that prevent them from enjoying life and work.

Mark and Ishtar are absolutely brilliant. They seemed to understand from the beginning what I needed and they are on this journey with me. I would highly recommend them for marketing and design work.

Annette Barnes – Marketing Director


Inner Solutions felt that they had a confusing logo which did not fit with their services and company ethos. We were initially asked to design a new logo, but were subsequently engaged on a retainer basis to help create brand guidelines and implement in their company materials over a period of time.


We started by looking at the colour scheme, to utilise palettes that would be more in keeping with Inner Solutions sector and services. The purple and green colours chosen are psychologically associated with calmness, responsibility, new beginnings and creativity.

We then focus on an icon and font style that would mirror these attributes. The rounded corners of the logo and spacing of the letters of the font compliment these elements.

The design of marketing materials, workbooks and other company assets pulled together all of the above, with imagery to reflect the positive nature of the training courses they provide.

We continue to assist with the development of the company’s branding under our retainer services. A marketing strategy and work plan are being implemented to allow this ongoing work within the budget of the business.