Myriad Mortgages offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market with a view to finding the best options for their client’s needs.

We were asked to build a new brochure website to replace the existing one which had been created when the company was first established. This was because it no longer reflected the image Myriad wanted to portray.

The site was mainly needed to provide information about the services on offer and contact information. It was not required to generate leads and there were no real plans to alter this plan.

Funky Vibes have taken our marketing to a whole new level

Dave Forrest – Managing Director


With the exception of a logo, Myriad lacked any clear branding. The original website had been built on a budget and without the mindset of building a brand style. It also no longer reflected the size and experience of the company in its present form.

In order to design the website, we first needed backtrack and create some branding guidelines which would create the foundations upon which we could then build.


We started by creating brand guidelines such as colours, fonts and imagery. We then applied this to the likes of Myriad’s social media platforms. We also updated their marketing materials such as presentation brochures, pull-up banners and media boards. This began to develop a brand style which we were then able to apply to the website.

To make the site more dynamic we create video montages to detail the benefits of each service Myriad offer. These videos were then modified by us to include music and branded graphics which enabled the client to utilise them in presentations and on social media.

We also built the site in a way that allowed for it to be developed quickly and easily to accommodate the future plans which we had discuss as ideas with the client to further utilise its potential functionality.