Paddock are based in Huddesfield, West Yorkshire and cater for children between the ages of 2-11 years old. They aim to create a happy and caring atmosphere which welcomes and supports all pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

We were initially asked to provide unique drone footage of the school and its grounds for their new website.

During the project we identified a need for their school badge to be modernised to reflect the modern, creative and exciting style of the school and informational materials . to better portray this to parents of prospective pupils.

Thanks to the help of the Funky Vibes team our school badge and branding look amazing

Sarah Norris – Deputy Head Teacher


It was important that the new school badge maintained an element of continuity to the original so as to allow a gradual transition from old to new.

This was particularly important in helping children feel less isolated if they were wearing a school jumper with the old badge. We also believed it was important the pupils, parents, as well as teachers and staff had an input into which of the concept designs we put forward to create a feeling of ownership and affinity.

When designing the new school prospectus, it was important that we considered the needs of the local community and in particular the fact that many parents whose children attend the school do not have English as their first language. This meant the content could not be text heavy, but must still contain important information they would need to make an informed decision about the school. We also wanted the style and imagery to properly reflect the staffs modern and creative approach to education.


You will see from the comparison image that the logo bears a good similarity to the original but with a modern twist.

The school already had some lovely imagery of the children and school which we were able to use  In the prospectus to save incurring additional expense. This allowed us to produce a clean, bright and aesthetically pleasing brochure for the parents. Key information was highlighted using those colours to Draw attention to the facts, With additional information being present but not in an over facing manner.

With the new logo and drone footage we were also able to create social media graphics and a more structured brand style which the school have been able to use going forward. This has allowed them to present a more professional and befitting visual image both online and in the physical form.