Prenton Prep are a leading day school providing outstanding education for boys and girls aged 2 ½ to 11years in the Birkenhead area.

Their aim is to cater for the educational and emotional needs of your child in a caring, nurturing, disciplined and stimulating environment, liaising closely with the home to the benefit of each individual child.  They aim to equip all their children to take their place in a multicultural society as confident, polite, compassionate and tolerant individuals – qualities which reflect the ethos of our school.

They achieve this through the teaching of a broad, balanced curriculum to small classes, giving every child, regardless of ability, the opportunity to develop their self-esteem, whilst achieving their true potential.

One of the best agencies I have partnered with. From day one they took the time to really understand my needs. They work collaboratively and efficiently and go above and beyond to support your needs. They make it all so easy! Highly recommend.

Claire Grundy – Marketing Director


Prenton Prep is a privately owned school. Despite being a successful school, they had not received the benefit of any focused marketing for a number of decades. This meant that beyond the word of school children, parents, staff and former pupils, there was very little knowledge of the schools existence to the wider public. Located near to the largest privately owned school in the area, this made recruitment a lot more difficult than it needed to be. We were brought on board to achieve two things (1) raise the profile of the school in the Liverpool, Wirral and Chester area (2) initiate a targeted campaign to attract parents thinking of sending their children to a private primary school.


Prenton Prep is quite literally a hidden gem. Since it was purchased by Forfar Education in 2022, a significant investment has been made to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the school. With more in the pipeline, it is an exciting time to be involved with Prenton Prep and very much worth shouting about.

Additionally, the school has an almost unique family feel. As soon as you walk in the door, it feels like you have arrived somewhere you are welcomed and belong. The staff are warm and friendly, the parents are active participants in making the school as good as it can be, and the children polite, enthusiastic and happy to be at the school. Their ‘Outstanding’ rating with the school inspection system is reflective of the community that exists, in the face of little investment in the facilities prior to Forfar’s involvement.

Whilst it was important to showcase the great work being done by Forfar in the building and facilities, it was our belief that the children, their personalities, hopes and dreams, should be the focus of the story, supported by the community that makes Prenton so uniquely amazing. Our social media campaign involved taking lots (and lots) of photos and videos to highlight all the great day-to-day activities at the school, as well as interviews with the kids and parents telling the world what they thought of the school. Our advertising campaigns carried the slogan ‘Be who you are, become who you want to be’, to reflect the holistic approach to education taken by the school. Children are helped to find confidence in being who they are, so they will feel able to pursue their dreams as well rounded individuals. Children from the school were are models for the graphics on adverts because they are the stars of the show. We also insured that any printed marketing materials were environmentally considerate and added value to the recipient.