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Marketing Agency Wallasey – Bespoke Marketing Plans!

Marketing plans are absolutely essential to the consistent growth of your company or brand. Without a documented journey and direction to follow, how can you expect to move from your current position to the final destination? Here at Funky Vibes Wallasey, we work closely with local businesses across the Wirral to build marketing plans and safeguard your future. Much like everything in life, you stand a much greater chance of success with a well thought out strategy and plan in place, of course your business needs the exact same thing too. We work with a multitude of businesses across different industries and sectors by applying the same core principles to our strategies and then adapting elements to suit. Having the foundations down, to build on, really is the key to developing and reaching your goals. We spend the time and effort required to make a real difference and that’s what separated us from the competition.

By using a unique combination of both tradition and modern marketing methods here at Funky Vibes Wallasey, we are able to tailor a marketing plan solution that gives you the most value possible. We’ll ensure the plan is coherent and scalable meaning the principles used are reusable. We aim to provide you with something that makes your business more profitable and more efficient. A simple step-by-step approach means you’ll grasp it in no time at all!

Within our marketing plans we take a deep dive into your business, your values, your audience base, your business activities and more to uncover what you’re already doing versus what could be done moving forward – no stone left unturned. No two businesses are the same, so we ensure every plan is personalised and tailored towards your needs and requirements. 

We work with all types of businesses from different sectors, including but not limited to:- 

  • E-commerce Businesses.
  • Professional Services.
  • Educational.
  • Charities.
  • Startups.
  • Any Many More!

For more information on our plans, please get in touch with our helpful team at Funky Vibes Marketing Wallasey today. We’re always happy to book a call, meeting or give you a full overview of our services and plans. Call us now on 07707 641 879 or say hello via our contact form!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to supply anything?2021-05-26T11:01:24+01:00

We do the majority of the work but it’s great if you can supply us with additional materials such as videos, images and key content that will really help to put a unique spin on your website.

What areas do you operate in?2021-05-26T10:03:41+01:00

We work with lots of businesses in and around Wallasey, Liverpool and the Wirral.

How long do you think it’ll take to see results?2021-05-26T10:03:16+01:00

There’s a multitude of reasons why we’d expect to see different results at different times for certain businesses. Budget, sector, average order value and adopted strategy to name a few.

What sort of businesses do you work with?2021-05-26T10:02:46+01:00

We work with a multitude of different businesses from different sectors and have found that our main marketing principles are very much what underpins the strategy alongside industry specifics.

Do you have any testimonials or reviews?2021-05-26T10:02:08+01:00

Yes we do, there’s several amazing testimonials on our website which we’re super thankful for. We also have reviews across our social media channels and have been nominated for several awards.

Do you have any free tips to get started?2021-05-26T10:01:37+01:00

es we do! Brainstorm what you are currently doing to spread brand awareness and get your business’ name out there and put down notes on how effective that has been.

Are marketing plans essential?2021-05-26T10:01:10+01:00

We believe they are, simply because without a plan, how do you know which direction you’re going in? Marketing plans offer a foundation to build on and take your business forward.

How long do you usually work together for on a marketing plan?2021-05-26T10:00:44+01:00

Great question! This can vary depending on business type, budget, goals, outcomes and development of the strategy – however we do look to work together for a period of least 3 months to give you something to implement.

What exactly is a marketing plan?2021-05-26T10:00:19+01:00

Our marketing plans simply look at both modern and traditional methods of marketing available to you and as a team we will explore what you’re already doing versus what could be done. We’ve found depending on your industry or business type, some methods work better than others. After all, we want to reach where your potential customers are hanging out.


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