Finding somewhere requires knowing where it is and how to get there, otherwise your chances of are nothing more than potluck.  The principles of marketing are exactly the same. Unless you know who you are targeting, where you will find them and how you can access them, it is a song in a prayer that will most likely deliver what you hope to achieve.

Our team of experts have the solution to those problems with our bespoke strategy plans, based on industry research and an in-depth analysis of your organisation. We plot measurable targets bespoke to your aspirations so you can find the right vibes needed to attract your desired tribes.  Every business will have different aims and objectives and therefore a tailored marketing strategy is almost always necessary.

Here at Funky Vibes Marketing, we offer a range of marketing strategies for all different types of businesses across multiple sectors and industries. You are able to select your preferred marketing strategy or combine multiple. Our strategies offered include;-


One of our most commonly assigned marketing strategies is to create high-quality branding for companies across all social platforms, websites and other design elements. Branding is essential for businesses that are looking to become a real force in their industry and without clear branding and a unique selling point, it can be difficult to stand out in saturated markets.  Branding simply gets more recognition and being consistent is more important than ever. Our creative team at Funky Vibes are able to consult with your team and design a branding project that you’re happy with.

Content Marketing

Another of our popular marketing strategies is content marketing. People relate and connect with the written word so it’s essential that your brand and business are consistently producing content that resonates with your target audience. Our professional copywriters are able to develop stories and brand narratives to communicate missions and messages through the media, websites, and other publications (online/offline). Moreover, we also able to implement the latest SEO strategies to increase online visibility and traction through search engines such as Google and Bing.

Social Media Advertising

More people are using social media than ever and potential customers are literally at your fingertips – if you can get in front of your target audience. Our exceptional social media team are able to create your client avatar down to a tee to ensure high-quality leads. Moreover, we also measures engagement, strategise and integrate your organisation’s activities into our campaigns. The Funky Vibes Marketing team are able to deliver social media advertising across Facebook and Instagram.

How To Choose Your Bespoke Strategy

Choosing a marketing strategy that returns a high return on investment and is most appropriate to your business activity can be overwhelming but with Funky Vibes Marketing, we make the process really simple and it all starts with a consultation. The consultation – even in-person or online, is ideal for taking the time to get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll consider and ponder the below points before proposing a bespoke marketing strategy;-

  • Defining and identifying your ideal client/target audience.
  • Testing your ideal client/target audience.
  • Consider the range of marketing strategies we offer.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies and benefits.

Choosing the perfect marketing strategy for your business makes your businesses product and/or service much easier to promote and gain traction.  They also limit the strategy to target audience ensuring the proper advancement of the business.

Ready To Start?

If you are ready to discuss bespoke marketing activities for your business and would like help from our expert marketing team at Funky Vibes, we would love to hear from you. Get your FREE consultation booked today and discuss a range of marketing options available to take your brand to the next level. Call us directly today on 03333 604 117 or use our contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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